The Start of Start do

Thank you for reaching however you came here. I really appreciate your time to check us out and even reading this blog. comes with a very long back story that started in 1998. We are on under and the journey from then has been one of many missed opportunities but now to the success and release of . My first real commercial software product all produced by me and a single programmer. A release I am very proud of. Most of our other work has always been for clients and it wasn’t until this last year that I decided to take time out and finish some things I started. 

Working with many websites and Email accounts and things I need to check every day I became quite sick of the Address bar. Typing typing typing away each day. Our IT work became monotonous for years on end and I started calling each day Groundhog Day! Typing everything in was also like channeling Bill Murray. So one day I just made myself a quick little HTML page with a bunch of quick links on it. This was the very first “Start Page”. I did not see any browsers having this feature, nothing like we have now yet it was a such a simple concept I was quite dumbfounded as to why none had come up with this before. That little page started to save me countless typing as we went about Groundhog day. Over the years it was interesting to see what sites came and went and sometimes when a link would give a 404! Oh man, the Internet Bubble was interesting wasn’t it. 

Unfortunately I made a mistake during the internet-bubble and decided to live in Japan. The internet was slow, no one was adopting it and I was paying crazy money per month just to be online. Meanwhile at the same time Elon Musk and Mark Cuban were doing there thing. I started so many upstarts here I can’t list them but I guess one day I will get to that in this blog. 

Moving on! This project has come full circle, I have finally released my first startup. Start.DO it is a continuation of that little page I started way back then that thankfully was recorded for all to see over the years and I love the way I can still see it. So without further ado I give you the very first time was born. 

“Hey you copied Firefox or you copied some other start page”. I do not think I did. This is something that should have been in the very first web browser. But instead Bookmarks were the thing. I never liked them and you can’t see whats going on, let alone organize them. Enter the Bookmark organizers, a whole fledgling industry came about from this. Enter Evernote and all their friends. may do away with bookmarks, maybe not, they still have their place but hopefully we can save a lot of wasted time. The world is typing in things we typed in yesterday and re-typing them in today. Punksatawny Phil won’t be happy but we can get over this, all of us just by using a simple START of your internet session such as . I not only want it to be your perfect starting place for all things YOU but help you be able to do things faster. I thought a lot about the name. We had (still sounds pretty cool to me) and a few others but I also wanted the DO because that is what we are doing on the internet, “doing” things. (This domain was hard to get!)  Ahaha. OK so reading is also “doing” but anyway if you check the news a lot I have got it right there for you already. NO typing at all. If you want to just see a headline then make sure that Magnify is on. We added a special feature so that IF you mouse over News sites then we increase the resolution right as you do that so you can read the top headlines. We are already 5 steps ahead of typing, going to the site and finding you don’t even want to read any of the news. 

OK I look forward to another post explaining some of my interesting background and history later on but for now let’s get this post indexed .